REinEU2016 – EU Conference 2016

Call for startups

We offered an opportunity to be a part of an exhibition of the international conference Re-Industrialisation of the European Union 2016, one of the largest events associated with the Slovak presidency of the Council of the EU, taking place in Bratislava on 26-28 October 2016.

6 startups / spin-offs with projects in the field of nanotechnologies, advanced materials, biotechnology and manufacturing technologies have been selected for the exhibition.

Do not miss the chance to meet them at the REinEU2016 conference, they will come:

  • To present your innovative solutions to traditional industry challenges.
  • Form potential partnerships with key international industry leaders.
  • Network with excellent researchers and policy makers.




SEAK Energetics

SEAK Energetics is a provider of unique technology to control street lighting as well as lighting in commercial and industrial buildings over 230 V powerline. You can turn the existing luminaires into energy-saving smart lighting grid with no excavation and no additional wires required.

Official website:




Voltia a.s.

Voltia’s mission is a Europe cleaner, healthier, and less dependent on oil. Voltia (formerly known as GreenWay Operator) is the pioneer of the commercial electric vehicle as-a-service business model, which involves leasing 2-3.5 ton electric vans to companies as part of a full package of planning, advising, infrastructure and support services.  By leasing the vans to clients, Voltia helps them overcome the largest barrier to fleet electrification, namely the high purchase price. Thanks to the expert advising and support, Voltia helps clients get full use out of their electric vans, making their transition to electric successful and profitable.

Voltia also develops and produces its own cutting edge vehicles and battery technology. It is currently a partner in the Horizon 2020 Everlasting Project (Electric Vehicle Enhanced Range, Lifetime and Safety Through INGenious battery management).

Official website:



3DIMENZIA supported by MyMedia

3DIMENZIA is a brand that the company operates under the advertising company MYMEDIA s.r.o.

We realize the development, manufacture and sale of large-format 3D printer “Quadron” that meet the demands for 3D printing worldwide.
Prototypes 3D printers are functional and can be seen at various exhibitions, summits and presentations, but also a real business setting.

Another area of development is the project of a multifunctional robotic arm (3D printing, milling, drilling, submitting articles, ..), in which we have also made good progress and demonstration prototype is a matter of a few weeks.

Last but not least, we devote socially responsible development in the development of biodegradable materials, the use of intelligent composite materials
and their effective use in an ever-evolving world.

Official website:




ixworx is a Slovak startup which aims to bring product exploration, configuration and user manuals to the 21st century. The company develops GUIDE a cross-platform software tool providing the end-user with 3D interactive visualizations of product configuration, interactive instruction manual, customer-manufacturer communication, and real-time product and equipment updates. All these features are combined in one platform, personalized for the customer and the specific product.

ixworx is working on making interactive 3D applications for mobile, augmented & virtual reality platforms easy, cost effective and available to 'non-coders' professionals.

Official website:




CybernetX s.r.o.

The main focus of CybernetX SME is the development and implementation of special hardware and software solutions according to the customer requirements covering multiple application fields. The core application domains, which comprise more than 75% of the whole portfolio, include Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Home and Industry Automation (HIA) applications.

IoT system for Industry 4.0 applications represents the product dedicated to the purposes of manufacturing and production technologies advancements. It consists of low-power WSN nodes which provides sensing and actuating capabilities. The system GUI is implemented as platform independent web-application what makes it easy to implement in different application scenarios. System modularity allows it high scalability for various automation processes without any strong intrusions to the machine.

Official website:




Erigones, an innovative software company based in Bratislava, Slovakia, is the inventor and developer of the SDDC software and also provides the necessary professional services to implement and run the software.

Our product, Erigones SDDC, is THE cloud management software for deploying, maintaining and automating cloud data centers and their processes.

Official website:








EU Logo

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 685 722.

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