REinEU2016 – EU Conference 2016


About the conference REinEU2016

The international conference REinEU2016 is a prestigious event in the field of nanotechnologies, advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. Its aim is to emphasize and discuss the role of science, research and innovation in the sustainable development of European economy in general and the implementation of reindustrialisation of Europe, meaning increasing the manufacturing sectors’ share in EU's GDP from the current 16% to 20% in 2020, as set in the communiqué of the European Union "For a European Industrial Renaissance".

The conference will focus on the impact of research and innovation on the production of more traditional manufacturing sectors, as well as its effect on competitiveness. With its aim to engage broad representation from the European and international research and innovation communities, including important representatives from the business sector, it will bring together excellent researchers, top decision makers, and leading innovators.

Mr Gerben Klein Lebbink, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netherlands, responsible for the conference Industrial Technologies 2016   Mr Adrian Harris, Director General, Orgalime   Mr Vazil Hudak, Vice president for European Investment Bank / Former Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic


REinEU 2016 will offer keynote lectures, panel discussions and workshops, as well as matchmaking and networking events, and meetings of specialised groups (such as NCP Network, project workshop, future consortia meetings, etc.).

The event is financed through the Horizon 2020 R&I programme (NMBP). The event will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia from 26th to 28th October 2016, with its 1,000+ expected participants will make it one of the largest events during the Slovak presidency of the EU in 2016.




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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 685 722.

closed since 24 Oct 2016
Registration 1 Mar – 24 Oct
Meeting Selection 10 Sep – 25 Oct
Event 26 Oct – 28 Oct
Language English
Costs Conference fees
Matchmaking: Free
Venue Incheba, Bratislava, Slovakia
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 203
Meetings 515
Austria 20
Belarus 1
Belgium 49
Bulgaria 2
Canada 2
China 1
Croatia 3
Cyprus 2
Czech Republic 41
Denmark 1
Estonia 2
Finland 12
France 22
Germany 25
Greece 8
Hungary 8
Ireland 2
Israel 2
Italy 19
Luxembourg 3
Malta 2
Moldova, Republic Of 1
Netherlands 13
Norway 2
Pakistan 1
Poland 8
Portugal 1
Romania 1
Russia 4
Slovak Republic 502
Slovenia 1
Spain 7
Sweden 5
Switzerland 5
Turkey 7
United Kingdom 13
United States 4
Total 802
Profile Views
Before Event5998
After Event 89