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Volkswagen Slovakia   


The Volkswagen plant in Bratislava was founded in 1991. The factories in Bratislava and Martin produce vehicles, chassis, gear boxes and components. With more than 10000 employees Volkswagen Slovakia belongs to the largest Slovak employers and is the country´s most integral exporter. Vehicles produced in Bratislava are exported to 148 countries worldwide. The Volkswagen Slovakia plant in Bratislava is the only factory in the world that produces five different automotive brands at the same place. Official website:

MicroStep spol., s. r. o.      


Since its founding in 1991, the company MicroStep has been involved in design and manufacture of CNC energy-beam cutting machines, control systems and CAM software and has supplied more than 2,000 machines worldwide in cooperation with partners spread in 54 countries. More than 30 % of the company’s products are complex machines that require continuous development and search for new, innovative technical solutions. Today, MicroStep offers the full range of contemporary cutting technologies along with a variety of additional equipment and software. Official website:

GA Drilling  


GA Drilling is a Bratislava, Slovakia based high-tech company with branches in UK and UAE, developing a ground-breaking technology with intent to change future energy and drilling market. GA Drilling together with leading oil & gas companies brings an electric plasma technology platform PLASMABIT delivering eco-friendly benefits along with substantial time & cost savings in energy industries. Applications are primarily addressed to oil and gas, geothermal energy and mining industries. Official website:

Hameln Group


With more than 120 years’ experience, Hameln Group was founded in 1890 as local pharmacy in Germany. Today it is well recognised pharmaceutical company within EU territory, with its research and development centre in Modra, Slovakia. We focus on different steps during development and production of pharmaceutical products. We are performing development of pharmaceutical drugs and manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients by using of innovative technologies and respecting of pharmaceutical quality standards.
Official website:

NAFC - Food Research Institute - KKV -UNION Ltd. in Lehnice


The pilot-scale model verification production unit of the Food Research Institute (of the National Agriculture and Food Centre) is focused on the transfer of research and innovation into practice in food production and to the production of natural concentrates and pure substances. It is being built parallel to the production capacity KKV-UNION so that it is possible to implement research results into marketing in the form of sample products and samples for nutritional experiments. The production range is from tens kg to 2-3 tons of raw material per day. Modern membrane, vacuum and extraction processes, drying under vacuum or inert gas is applied in the production line. Official website: 



Company ELESKO engaged in vine growing and wine making, operates in the Small Carpathian wine region, producing its own brands of internationally acknowledged wine. The company is known for the development of a complex modern wine production facility ELESKO wine park in Modra, which is considered one of the most modern wineries in Central Europe. Current annual winery capacity amounts to 600,000 wine bottles at a production potential of 1.2 million bottles that can be made exclusively from grapes from own vineyards. Zoya museum as part of Elesko wine park  has become a host of the unique exhibition of Andy Warhol and James Warhol work till February 2017. Official website:


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 685 722.


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